…where the rolling hills of the Leitha Mountains…

The Pluschkovits winery

The Pluschkovits winery and wine tavern is located in Burgenland, where the gently rolling hills of the Leitha Mountains slowly extend into the wide plain of the Vienna Basin. Children, parents and grandparents run the family business together with a total of seven hectares of prime locations in and around the municipality of Leithaprodersdorf. The vineyards have been family-owned for generations, the wine tavern was added in 1996 and, together with the existing winery, laid the foundation for today’s family business. The company has been expanded, modernized and further developed with care and know-how, rooted in tradition, with a keen eye on the future. This is how sustainable wines are cultivated and pressed under the best conditions – always in harmony with nature and family.

The nearby Neusiedlersee and the dense forests of the Leithagebirge ensure a unique microclimate of warm days and cool nights that is characteristic of this area. This interplay of temperatures ensures that the wines are particularly fruity, fresh and straightforward. Limestone and primary rock soils help the grapes to achieve the minerality typical of the region, which is impressively presented in the Leithaberg DAC wines. The limestone in the area is also unique, the Leithakalk, which gives the wines their unmistakable touch as a remnant of marine fossils millions of years old.

The Pluschkovits family produces their wines with the greatest care, purely by hand. All family members lend a hand and you can feel with every bottle that this is real craftsmanship that is implemented with quality awareness, experience and skill. With a lot of patience, the wines are given time to develop their personality and natural expression. Whether in barrique barrels or in the classic steel tank – each wine is optimally matured and pressed. The essence of the region in a bottle.

The Fuchsenbühel vineyard deserves a special mention, an exclusive primary rock site on the edge of the Leithagebirge, which, interspersed with mica slate, gives the wines an unmistakable mineral complexity. In the winery, special importance is attached to this vineyard, as only selected grape varieties find a home here – with foresight and experience adapted to the location and climate, only the finest grapes of the winery grow here.

But not only the wines are the flagship of the Pluschkovits family. Enjoyment has many facets in the winery and so the family not only takes care of drinks but also food in the farm’s own Heurigen. The Heurige is an integral part of the winery and is run with a lot of warmth and passion. Whenever you’re done, you can let yourself be pampered with regional specialties and home-made desserts according to Burgenland tradition. It is particularly worthwhile packing a bottle or two of wine with you when you visit.

White wine

The terroir of the Fuchsenbühel vineyard is characterized by mica slate, a primary rock that allows the vines to root deeply and gives the wines the typical mineral characteristics of the region. Light on the palate with a long finish and balanced acidity, which never has a pointed effect, but harmonises delicately with the penetrating, fruity aromas, which reach perfection in the special cool – warm climate.

red wine

Powerful red wines thrive on the partly sandy soil, with mineral flavor and balanced aromas that are second to none. The Leitha limestone that sets the tone ensures a subtle acid structure and aromatic taste, which is particularly evident in the Merlot variety.